Early years

We introduce and promote the development of essential life skills through our activity-filled curriculum which encourages hands-on learning, play and exploration.


In N2 we focus on helping children progress further by reinforcing their learning holistically and supporting their transition to Kindergarten.


We prepare the children for success in Primary One by keeping our curriculum updated and building upon their knowledge to nurture confident speakers and active learners.

Orange Phonics

Our Orange Phonics program is designed to be sequential and uses the synthetic approach to teach more than 40 sounds of the English language. Children are taught to blend and segment words through engaging and fun activities. Illustrative materials tied to the lessons enhance the learning experience, resulting in better development of reading and writing skills.

Hanyu Pinyin

Our Kindergarten Hanyu Pinyin program helps children gain confidence in learning Mandarin. Children improve their pronunciation and tones, and have better phonological awareness through speaking, reading and writing. Visual cues in our specially designed materials enable children to focus and also facilitates learning new words.