Orange Phonics

Our Orange Phonics program is designed to be sequential and uses the synthetic approach to teach more than 40 sounds of the English language. Children are taught to blend and segment words through engaging and fun activities.

Illustrative materials tied to the lessons enhance the learning experience, resulting in better development of reading and writing skills.

Why The Orange Tree Preschool?

The Orange Tree Preschool programme aims to support children’s communication and linguistic skills by focusing on English and Mandarin. Our teaching team comprises experienced and qualified Early Childhood Specialists.


Child-centred programme tailored for individual development

All rounded

All rounded programme including Cross-culture appreciation, Creative Arts, Music and Movement, Mathematical concepts and Science


Teacher-guided group discussions and shared stories


Language curriculum designed and supported by Morris Allen English and Tien Hsia Language School


  • Our preschool should be child-centred not teacher-centred
  • Your child can be effectively bilingual given the right environment & the correct language role models
  • Your child is special & should be groomed according to his/her developmental needs
  • Learning should be fun & enjoyable